Veronica is a character from the Kiddy Grade VS manga and the main antagonist in it. She was Eclipse's partner, before Eclipse met with Lumiere and Éclair, whom she formed a trio with.

That partnership was pretty much ended as she nearly killed Eclipse.

Appearance Edit

Veronica had two outfits during the Kiddy Grade Versus manga.

One of these was her mission outfit, which was a dark colour version of Eclipse's mission outfit. The only difference was that she didn't wear earrrings.

She wore a dark coloured top with long sleeves but without a shoulder part. The top ended in a cut-out shape just above the stomach; this cut-out shape was turned upside down and was used on the trousers as well. She had a dark coloured neck-piece, which was connected to her top. Her trousers were dark coloured too, as much as the manga shows. Her trousers ended under her boots, which were dark coloured and high-heeled.