Other languagesSalyut(German)
AnimeKiddy Grade episode 10
User(s)A-ou and Un-ou

Salyut Salyut is the exclusive high-speed cruiser that belongs to GOTT ES members Un-ou and A-ou. It is a ship with outstanding speed and offensive power, and it is equipped with an inertial drive system/inertial drive. Its main weapons are its 4 beam guns and 8 missile launchers. Also, along with its primary armor, it has the monomolecular crystalline armor (with its famed hardness) along both its hull frame and keel. Salyut's special skill is the attack tactic that resonates the armor while moving through inertial space.

Salyut is not equipped to amplify A-ou and Un-ou's powers, but it has been specialized to complement and assist their abilities. The enemy's numbers and weaknesses are found through Un-ou's "Amazing" and A-ou's "Amplifier", and by attacking that one point with speed and accuracy, Salyut has the offensive power and mobility to unfailingly cause damage to the enemy. Salyut's fast deadly characteristic is probably something that matches Un-ou's personality, which prefers danger.