is known as Letuchaia's "knight" and has the same ability as Letuchaia. He is very loyal to Letuchaia to an obsessive degree, highly suggesting he is in love with her. He also has a habit of answering Letuchaia's rhetorical questions, which causes her to scold him. He is Letuchaia's cousin. He later sides with the GTO along with his cousin, and seems to have gained a crush on Tweedledee.

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Pauki is the more quiet of Team 3, consisting of his cousin and her. He is considered to be the "knight" or his cousin, and cares deeply about both Letuchaia and their grandmother.

As Geacht'er's real plan unfolds, he and Letuchaia switch sides and help Ascoeur and Q-feuille in order to save the Nouvlesse aboard their ship, including their grandma.

He is a bit obsessive about Letuchaia, and doesn't particularly like it when she is seen obsessing about Geacht'er.

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Pauki means "wearing a crest of a spider on his chest" in Russian.

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