The Kiddy Grade franchise has had various soundtracks, singles, arrangements, and remixes released since its origin in 2002. Shiroh Hamaguchi composed most of the music for the series and its films, while many of the songs were named by Keiji Gotoh himself. Victor Entertainment and their label Kadokawa Shoten distributed most of the albums, singles, and box sets. For the anime series, Yuka performed the song "Mirai no Kioku" which was used as the opening theme. The song "Future", originally by Little Viking, was performed by various singers and voice actors from the anime, and these versions were used as the ending theme during the show's credits. Vocal songs were also granted for the films in the franchise: Kiddy Grade -Ignition-, its follow-up Kiddy Grade -Maelstrom- and Kiddy Grade -Truth Dawn- film series.

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