Letuchaia, is known as the "princess" of G Society and has a habit of using multiplication to express her feelings (I am 8 times more annoyed and so on). She acts all posh and snobbish and shows respect to only Geacht'er. She has a grudge against the GTO and its actions because her Nouvelesse grandparents were thrown out onto the streets. However, she has becomes extremely jealous over the fact that Q-feuille has taken her "little sister" position to Geacht'er, leading her to try to get rid of her. Her ability, Crazy Cracker, is to eject energy bolas from her fingers. She is Pauki's cousin. However, her loyalty to Geacht'er has seemed to have vanished after discovering the removal of Time Space was not going to be used for peace, and in fact used to destroy the universe, along with making sure Ascoeur followed his orders by threatening the lives of everyone on G Society, including her Grandmother.

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Letuchaia is a proud person, as she takes pride in her Nouvlesse bloodline. She is also often described as "childish", as she gets easily jealous and over-protective when it comes to her personal belongings, or Geacht'er (who she thinks is her belonging).

She is also known as the "princess" of G-Society, and has a habit of using multiplication to express her feelings. She acts posh and snobbish, whilst showing respect to Geacth'er.

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Her name, 'Letuchaia' comes from the word Летучая мышь (Letuchai͡a myshʹ), which means bat in Russian.

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