La Muse

High-Speed Cruiser La-Muse series

RōmajiRa myūzu
EnglishLa Muse
Other languagesForgószél (Hungarian)
MangaKiddy Grade VS

AnimeKiddy Grade

Kiddy Girl-and

User(s)Eclair and Lumiere, Eclipse, Twinkle and Lightning, Alv and Dvergr
How rareCommon

RangeClose & Mid-range & Combat

TypeDefensive & Offensive & Supporting

The La Muse fleet of ships consists of 9 ships, which were the very first ships used by ES members in the GOTT. Only two appeared in more than three episodes (Calliope and Urania) from the fleet. Interestingly, we know most about these two ships; the other 7 is only mentioned briefly.


The La Muse is actual a fleet of ships, including 9 ships. These ships are:

  1. La-Muse series Test Type No.0 Calliope - white
  2. La-Muse series No.1 Clio - purple-blue
  3. La-Muse series No.2 Terpsichora - azure blue
  4. La-Muse series No.3 Erato - pine green
  5. La-Muse series No.4 Euterpe - emerald green
  6. La-Muse series No.5 Thaleia - golden yellow
  7. La-Muse series No.6 Polymnia - bitter orange
  8. La-Muse series No.7 Urania- crimson - ID SSC2045343
  9. La-Muse series No.8 Melpomene - jet black - now Alv and Dvergr's ship Svart, cut off from the Wirblewind network, it's AI was deleted and main weapons disabled

Etymology Edit

"La Muse" is the Spanish word for a muse. The nine muses (whom the ships got their names from) were Greek mythological creatures, who were the children of the goddess of memories, Mnemosyne. They were the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry, lyric songs, and myths that were related orally for centuries in these ancient cultures.


  • In the beginning Éclair and Lumiere were using the La Muse Urania
  • After the La Muse Urania was destroyed, Éclair started to use the La Muse Calliope, the test/prototype of the whole La Muse serie
    • The other six La Muse ships were given to the clones of Éclair and Lumiere.
  • This is the only fleet of ships that appeared in the series.
    • It is also the only ship type that has only used by ES members, ans only 8 times; other ship types, such as the APD3330 is common, and there are lots of them, which police officers can use.
  • This is the only ES ship type that is part of a fleet; the other ships are unknown to be in a fleet.