Kiddy Grade EX
S-l1600 (6)
Author Hidefumi Kimura
Illustrator Kadonoszono Megumi
Publication date 2003. szeptember 25.
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
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Some of the material in the EX Continuity File relates to early concepts, with original design sketches of the characters. Kiddy Grade was originally planned as three OVAs, which means the series has basically now come full circle with the forthcoming three movies. Things of interest are "10 years later" omake drawing by Meg, Kim and Gotoh, and dates for all the scenes pictured on thereverse covers.

Details Edit

Kiddy Grade EX is the last of the Continuity Files; however, it is not in the same category. While the Continuity Files show how the episodes were made, bit by bit, and gives a little bot of information, EX is actually a book about Kiddy grade BEFORE it was put on screen. It shows the original artworks for Éclair and Lumiere, with 3 body variations, and the original artworks for La Muse, and a car, which never actually had a debut in the show.

Original artwork Edit

Some of the original artwork were lated adopted into the Kiddy Grade series. These are:

  • Lumiere's first body (as in first original artwork) appeared on the series in one of Éclair's memories, in SC.0163.
  • Lumiere's second body (as in second artwork in the book, but first on the body variations page) was adopted as the first body Lumiere appears in from Episode 1 of Kiddy grade.
  • Éclair's forth body (as in forth in artwork, but third in the body variations page) appears numerous times on Kiddy Grade in Éclair's memories, from SC.0163, as a partner of Lumiere's first artwork body.
  • Éclair's third body variation appears briefly in Kiddy Grade, as both in Lumiere's and Éclair's memories. However, it can only be seen up until the waist, as they are inside the La Muse.
  • La Muse's design only kept the colours.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Lumiere's original name was going to be "Liu". (From Chinese 刘 (liú) meaning "kill, destroy". This was the surname of Chinese emperors of the Han dynasty.)
    • This could link to the fact that Lumiere seems to be more rich than Éclair; and as to why she acts so elegant.
  • Éclair's original name was going to be "Reiko". (Means "lovely" (Rei) and "child (ko). "Rei" is also part of the Bushido, or way of the warrior. The Bushido was basically the Samurai code of honor, and "Rei" is translated to "respect".)
    • This could link to Éclair's ability, "Power"; and it also would explain why she is the active half of the team.