The Galactic Trade Organization(GTO) is the successor of the GOTT that had been dissolved twenty-five years prior, and was created by Eclipse. It include the ES members of the old GOTT and also old GOTT stakeholders are also involved in a large number.

GTO HeadquartersEdit

The Headquarters is located on Aineias like the former GOTT

The GTO Headquarters building


Compared to the GOTT Headquarters the GTO's seems more welcoming as the former, as its colors a white and light blueish, unlike the GOTT's whose colors black/dark blue was.

The Headquarters also have dorms for their worker, an outdoor garden and a cafe.

Location within the GTO HeadquartersEdit

Hiver's/Sommer's OfficeEdit

Kiddy10 11

Touch&Go! CafeEdit

Toch&Go! cafe

Ascoeur and Q-Feuille before the entrace to the Touch&Go! Cafe