Sweet, Trap
Season Kiddy Girl-and, Episode 2
Air date 2009/11/2
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This is the second episode of Kiddy Girl-and, and the 26th episode in the series overall. It aired in October 22, 2009.


After having gotten herself incredibly worked up over some pudding, Ascoeur finally gets her chance to eat it. Unfortunately, Q-feuille sneezes and causes a chain reaction that leads to the pudding spilling all over the floor. Determined to get some pudding, Ascoeur decides to raid the cafe kitchen, but to get there during the after-hours, she and Q-feuille have to overcome the security system upgrades that Tweedledee made. Q-feuille’s expertise and memory helps them get through most of the traps, but they were eventually faced with an army of Tweedledee dolls that soon overwhelm on them. Q-feuille sacrifices herself so that Ascoeur can go ahead, but Ascoeur ends up tripping and falling into another trap. By the time the girls finally reach the kitchen, it was already daytime, and the puddings have all been consumed.