In order to stop Geacht’er, Ascoeur, Q-feuille, and Di-air head towards the northern pole in the Mistral. They break through the G-Society fleet thanks to some help from the GTO fleet, and the Mistral then battles Saphir and Torch & Shade’s ships while the three girls teleport onto Geacht’er’s ship. Because of all that happened to him in the past, all Geacht’er cares about now is destroying the galaxy. He tries to kill Q-feuille, but Hiver and Sommer arrive to save her. They then try to seal Geacht’er off in subspace, but he stops everything with his power. Geacht’er realizes too late that Q-feuille is still moving towards Ascoeur even while time is stopped, and the power of the three girls causes time to resume. They are able to freeze Geacht’er long enough for Sommer to enclose him, and this gives Ascoeur and Q-feuille a chance to stop the explosion. Q-feuille thus heads with Di-air back to the Erde Meteor while Ascoeur stays at the northern pole, and when the two girls activate their powers in unison, they enter a space where they meet Éclair and Lumière.

Together, the four girls are able to stop the explosion and return the planet to normal. Unfortunately, soon after, the captured Geacht’er disappears, and his ship is revealed to be an illusion. At the same time, the Erde Meteor’s warp gate activates, and Tweedledee isn’t able to do anything about it unless she has direct access to the main computer. Letuchaia and Pauki thus take Tweedledee and Tweedledum there while Rubis stays behind with Q-feuille and Di-air. It’s too late to stop the warp however, and the Erde Meteor takes the planet along with everything else into warp. While this is going on, Geacht’er appears in the same room as Q-feuille. Saphir is there as well and tries to kill Di-air, but Rubis protects the girls at the cost of her own body. Geacht’er captures Q-feuille anyway, and he calls for Ascoeur to come. His plan is to detonate the planet again by crashing it into another one, the GTO home planet of Aineias. Before this plan can come to fruition though, Ascoeur rams the Mistral into the Erde Meteor control room and jumps out to save Q-feuille.