As a space battle begins between the G-Society and the GTO forces, over inside the Erde Meteor, Geacht’er takes possession of Ascoeur and freezes Q-feuille. Geacht’er then heads off with Ascoeur and the other Shadow Workers to enact his plan, but Rubis stays behind under the pretense that she’d take care of Di-air. Instead, she destroys the area’s surveillance system so that Di-air and the unfrozen Q-feuille can escape. Ascoeur later awakens in a chair that connects her to the Erde Meteor’s warp gates. Geacht’er’s plan is to use his and her power to unfreeze the frozen time space and destroy everyone in the galaxy except for the G-Society. If Ascoeur tries to escape, it’ll cause a chain reaction that will destroy the Erde Meteor and all of the people on it, including Letuchaia’s grandmother. Letuchaia’s pleas convince Ascoeur not to do anything drastic, and Geacht’er sets his plan in motion. While he’s out in space though, Q-feuille and Di-air arrive to save Ascoeur. Q-feuille is able to overcome Saphir and Letuchaia’s abilities with her own powers, but Ascoeur doesn’t want to be set free because she doesn’t want everyone on the Erde Meteor to die. Fortunately, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Un-ou, and A-ou suddenly show up to help, and they injure Saphir and force her to retreat. Tweedledee and Tweedledum then stop the system connected to Ascoeur by using one of her hairs, but it turns out that they’re too late, and time outside starts moving again.