As Ascoeur tries to convince Q-feuille that she’s being deceived, the Erde-Meteor suddenly initiates warp and starts moving towards the frozen time space. Geacht’er then tries to have Q-feuille capture Ascoeur, and the other Shadow Workers surround the girls. Once Q-feuille freezes Ascoeur, Geacht’er leans in to kiss her, but Di-air stops it with her power, and Ascoeur uses the opportunity to teleport both her, Di-air and Q-feuille away. Di-air’s power further grants Ascoeur the chance to try to talk some sense into Q-feuille, but Q-feuille isn’t happy since she now knows that Ascoeur is Geacht’er’s real sister. Before anything major can happen, Geacht’er finds them again and wants to kiss Ascoeur to make her remember her past. Ascoeur tries to escape again, but the other Shadow Workers tie her up to stop her. Seeing Ascoeur in so much pain and calling out to her causes Q-feuille to start crying again, and Ascoeur eventually loses consciousness.

This allows Geacht’er to kiss her, and that in turn restores in Ascoeur the memories of how her parents sent her away to be a test subject so that she could survive and how she had found her brother there. The experiments he had been subject to had affected his sanity, but she had promised to be with him forever and had kissed him. That caused a reaction that blew up part of the research station they were on, and the two got separated when it appeared that Ascoeur got buried under some debris. In truth, she had teleported to safety and had escaped in a pod, but she lost her memories in the process. Geacht’er had also escaped and had vowed despair and pain on the universe for all that happened to him. Back in the present, Ascoeur has regained her memories, but Q-feuille then instinctively attacks Geacht’er, so he orders her to be dealt with. Saphir has no qualms about doing this, but Ascoeur saves her partner and kisses her. Even Geacht’er’s power can’t stop this, and Q-feuille returns to normal.