Ascoeur thinks at first that the Q-feuille in front of her might be an illusion, but she soon realizes that that’s incorrect. It only gets Q-feuille angry, and she forces Ascoeur to fight her. Ascoeur tries to reason and talk instead, but an annoyed Q-feuille just freezes Ascoeur. However, after seeing Ascoeur’s subsequent suffering, Q-feuille herself starts crying and doesn’t understand why. When Q-feuille blames Ascoeur and takes it out on her, Di-air’s powers activate, turning her a golden color, and she saves Ascoeur. Nothing Q-feuille does is effective against Di-air, and it turns out that Di-air is able to control both space and time. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Torch and Shade save Q-feuille and retreat back to the G-Society headquarters. Upon learning about what happened, Geacht’er orders the capture of Ascoeur and the elimination of Di-air. Afterward, Torch confides to Shade that he doesn’t like the idea of partners fighting each other. It reminds them of the police corruption that at first had pitted them against each other and had then set them both up to be killed. What had saved them had been Geacht’er, but this memory had triggered doubts in Shade about if he could kill Torch if ever ordered to. Back at the GTO, Di-air is given some rest, and Hiver explains to Ascoeur that Di-air used up all her power at once, powers which she inherited from Eclipse. When Di-air does finally wake up, Ascoeur suggests that they go get Q-feuille together.