With GTO set to be dismantled, its ES-members are being sent elsewhere, leaving just Ascoeur, Di-air, Hiver, and Sommer. Ascoeur really wants to go save Q-feuille, but Hiver and Sommer stop her and make her reveal everything that happened with Geacht’er. Q-feuille meanwhile remains brainwashed and her acting lovey-dovey with Geacht’er really pisses off Letuchaia. Letuchaia thus tries to get back at her, but her attempts fail and Letuchaia instead finds herself becoming Q-feuille’s friend. Back at GTO, Hiver has Ascoeur learn more about Q-feuille from the database, and Ascoeur finds out that Q-feuille was part of an ES-member duplication plan that was in response to the time freeze incident. Trixie and Troisienne were the third generation and Q-feuille was the fourth, but Q-feuille didn’t get a partner because Eclipse died. Hiver explains that Q-feuille had been lonely for a long time, so she was happy to have Ascoeur and had thus wanted to save her. She also thinks that as long as the two girls have their deep bond, they can call out to each other and will meet again someday. This occurs sooner than anticipated because Q-feuille, Shade, and Torch suddenly arrive at the GTO headquarters and come face to face with Ascoeur.