Q-feuille recently has been experiencing lapses in her memory, so she goes to the data archives and looks up her past. Hiver finds her there, and it turns out that Eclipse gave birth to Q-feuille seven years ago but gave up her life in the process. Q-feuille didn’t have a partner until she met Ascoeur, and Q-feuille recalls how they first met when she was on a mission to investigate oppression on a planet. Ascoeur was a girl on the street and already had the ability to teleport, so Q-feuille was handcuffed them together, and the two bonded as they escaped from the military police there. Thanks to the abilities of Tweedledee and Tweedledum, as well as Ascoeur’s ability to teleport small objects, they were able to stop the leader of the military police from blowing up the city. Afterward, the two girls became partners since their abilities had good compatibility. Back in the present, Q-feuille remembers everything, and Ascoeur and Di-air come to get her to show her that Tweedledum and Un-ou have recovered.