As Hiver and the others explain to Ascoeur and Q-feuille, there was a planet which was made up of a powerful energy ore, and Geacht’er tried to ignite it 25 years ago. In order to prevent the destruction of the galaxy, the ES members of GOTT had tried to protect the planet, and although they were ultimately unsuccessful at that, Éclair and Lumière had managed to use their powers to freeze the explosion. This had the side effect of trapping both of them as well, and Trixie and Troisienne were supposed to be the key to stopping the explosion. Hiver now wants Ascoeur, Q-feuille, and Di-air to go with A-ou to that frozen space and confirm the situation there. For this, they were given the ship Mistral, but before they take set off, Ascoeur suddenly starts feeling dizzy. A-ou also senses something, but none of them see Geacht’er hiding in the shadows. The group eventually arrives at the location and stops at an unmanned station there, and A-ou reveals that, although everyone who approaches the spot gets frozen, there was an opportunity approximately every three years. That time was coming up soon, but Trixie and Troisienne were dead now. A-ou then heads out to get a closer look on his own, and while he was gone, another ship arrives carrying a man who sends out a wreath in memory of the mother he lost. The man calls himself Che, and that the mother was none other than Éclair. He wonders if he can see her again in his lifetime, so the girls reassure him that he will and that they’ll protect everyone.