Duerry was Eclair's 2nd clone. She died alond with her partner Dionie at age 10. Her full name is Duerry II Eclair. Her predecessor is Uniear, while her successor is Trixie.

Appearance Edit

Duerry has short, dark magenta coloured hair and amber eyes. She wears a white, sleeveless top and a black and magenta coloured collar.

History Edit

Duerry died at the age of 10. Her death was due to Eclipse's ability not being able to clone properly. However,it could be that she died during a mission.

Etymology Edit

Du (づ, dzu) means "one", while erry (襟, eri) means "collar". Together, they mean "collar", which could link to her appearance, as she is the only Éclair clone who wears a full collar, without showing any skin under the collar.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the second Éclair clone, preceeded by Uniear and succeeded by Trixie.
    • The is also the second longest living clone out of all Éclair clones.
  • Duerry resembles Éclair in various ways.
    • Her eyes are the same amber coloured as Éclair's first body that we see in the series.
    • Her personality is presumably very similar to Éclair's personality.