Other languagesDonnerschlag(German)
AnimeKiddy Grade Episode 1
User(s)Éclair and Lumiere

Donnerschlag is the very first Guarding Robot that we meet in the searies. It is the Guarding Robot of Lumiere and Éclair, and is a part of the Wirbelwind system.

Appearance Edit

First Version Edit

From the beginning, Donnerschlag had a silver coloured armor, with a blue coloured glass head, which protected it's mainframe and electronical parts. The glass itself was connected to the system of Wirbelwind, enabling the robot to communicate with a deep, storm-like sound.

Second Version Edit

After detonating and therefore blowing itself up, Donner received a brand new case, which was magenta coloured on it's body, and purple on it's glass head. It's design was slightly changed, as additional seats were added on top of it's shoulders, which allowed the people it carried to sit down. While there are only two seats, it can be used to carry 4 people.

History Edit

As the Wirbelwind system was set up, Donnerschlag was joined on it too. He and Lumiere have a special connection, most likely due to the time they spent together and her abilities. However, Éclair has a deep connection with the robot too, as she would never leave it alone.

Donnersclag usually protects Lumiere, who always stays at the back on missions. It doesn't really protect Éclair, as she doesn't usually need help. However, as Lumiere was the one who created Wirbelwind, and Donner is a part of the Wirbelwind network, it might feel the need to protect it's creator more than anything.

The robot was used for flying as well during many episodes. In this form, it pulls it's legs at the back, while tilting its head and upper body to the front, creating a linear shape. It also uses its hand as a wing, while putting out plain-like fangs to control its movement. While its head moves to the front, the two shoulder pads on its shoulder turn infide to form stands, where the occasional passangers can travel.

Donner assisted the girls in every mission; however, when Tweedledee used the Hashish on it, the robot fought against Éclair and Lumiere. While Lumiere tried to save Wirbelwind, Éclair decided to fight against the robot. However, when the robot realized that it can't escape Éclair's trap, it decided to blow himself up, in a desperate attempt to save Éclair. The Hashish program would have made it destroy itself anyway, as they were intended to be disposable to maintain secrecy; however, the program in its' last attempt to regain control, managed to save Éclair by detonating itself.

Alternative versions Edit

Minidonna Edit

In Kiddy Grade Versus, Lumiere used Donnerschlag as her PDA. For this, the robot's terminal was only used, which allowed Lumiere to gain access to the network quickly, in a similar way as Dodo's terminal helps Tweedledee.