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Name Explanation
Ace-I Class The Ace-I Class is a classification of hackers that can break through over 3000 firewalls in seconds. They are considered to be the top hackers in the galaxy. Examples of Ace-I hacker are Tweedledee, Lumiere and Bit.

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Name Explanation
C-Class Channel Opener Class

The basic level of ES Members, and the weakest class out of all ES classes. The C-Class ES Members usually get easy, not as important missions as their superior members with higher classes. Their job is mainly to protect people, assist the travel of criminals from planet to planet and to help out any other ES Member in need.

C-Force Confidential Force

When an ES Member is unable to catch and contain a criminal, the confidential force acts on their behalf. Risking their life every day, their job is to eliminate the criminals that are impossible to catch.

Consciousness induction This method involves nanomachines being injected into the body, so that the body would feel like it is still in the same global environment. For example, in an environment with a different gravity, the nanomachines in the body regulate the blood pressure, helps the fusion of oxygen, and so on. On planet Daldanos for example, where the gravity is only 1G, the nanomachines adjust the electric current in the brain so that it would withstand the 1G environment.
C.P.D. Colce Police Department

The police department of planet Colce, who are usually given direct orders from the government of Colce.

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Name Explanation
D Command The D Command is only used when ES Members won't give up the fight. This command ensures that the ES Members definitely die, as the command attack the particles inside the ES Members' bodies. It not only raises the temperature of their bodies (while melting the organs), but also shuts down the main organs, and their abilities can rarely be used.

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Name Explanation
Energy development systems These are various energy development systems in use that support the galaxy's civilizations with the recquired energy.
ES Member Encounter of Shadow-Work Member

The ES Members are the agents behind GOTT, that are hidden from the real word. While most criminals know about them, most people believe that they are just a myth. Each and every ES Member posesses special abilities, that help them solve any crime and support them in battles against criminals. They work in pairs, mostly one of them being offensive, while the other stays behind as a logistic person or a supporter.

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Name Explanation
First Limited War The First Limited War took place over 200 years ago. Whilst it was taking place, many Geo sort bombs were used to destroy planets. One example of destroyed planets is Hydra, which is still inhabitable. However, since then, terraforming programs have been introduced to make the planets habitable once again.

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Name Explanation
Galactic Planetary Alliance A coalition of planets spanning the entire galaxy, created for all the independent planet-nations sharing similar goals.
G-Class Gazer of Cosmos Class

The highest ES class, G-Class ES members not only are superior to all other ES members, but can also receive any missions from their chief. They receive missions with greater priority. While they don't usually need help, if they do, it is most likely that S-Class members will help them out.

Genetic Beast Machine life formed by Gene Technology (Genetic Engineering). These beasts are formed based on the DNA information of living organisms, recorded in the ID core of the beast. A single kind of molecular mechanics cell group forms the body and reproduces the organism at gene level, therefore combining the characteristics of a machine and the original species. Their fighting power can't be reproduced by battle machines.
Geo Sort Geological Sorting

Geo Sort bombs have five different types, each specialised to terraform planets with different conditions on them. They are large-scale planet re-modelling tools, that form a field of resonant destructive soliton waves, which expand their zone that is influenced using wave resonance. This resonance crushes and softens any planet's nucleus.

In the First Limited War, they were used as planet destructive weapons. The most recent usage of them was in SC.0138, when the planet Hydra was destroyed, due to black trade and terrorism. From SC.0328, their distribution and possession is managed by the GOTT.

GOTT Galactic Organisation of Trade and Tariffs

This is the GU's main force, which supports the governments and usually either acts on their behalf, or helps two governments to come to terms, before war breaks out.

GU Globe-governments' Union

The union between all governments and each planet. They are technically the ultimate government.

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Name Explanation
HOLIDAY A comfortable and very unpleasant song that is used for mind control.

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Name Explanation
Logic Space The Logic Space is a computer space, generated from quantum particles that stores every information stored on computers. It's security is due to it being a physically closed network, with external security. For example, Lumiere was only able to access it from inside the building of the development organisation, as she was looking for information from that organisation. The form the logical space takes depends on the "hacker", as when the hacker visualizes it, their capability makes it look like the space is reality by forming rooms and libraries, as the hacker wants it to.

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Name Explanation
Mirage's Trap Thought control hidden in an insturmental song called "HOLIDAY". It is an experiment on whether a song can alter people's personalities, actions and so control their conciousness. However, this experiment was found out and shut down by ES Members Éclair and Lumiere, while arresting the upper layer of society on the planet Dardanos, which was responsible for these experiments.

The criminals behind this experiment gave it an alternative name, called "Invisible Pitfall".

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Name Explanation
Nouvlesse from the French 'Nouveau' and 'Noblesse', meaning 'New Nobles'.

The Nouvlesse are Earth-born humans, who, even after moving away from Earth, still kept their title as "pure" humans. They receive special benefits, such as higher positions in the government and the control of most government departments.

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Name Explanation
Parallel processing Parallel processing is a method that hackers and officials use to make their search faster. It recquires two people; the first one works with the already collected data points and searches according to them, whilst the other uses the opposite of the given data points. Therefore, nothing can escape their search and they can conduct a more thorough search.

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Name Explanation
S-Class Shamanic Agent Class

The middle class among the ES Members, the S-Class is the second most powerful out of all classes. Their missions go all range, but they don't usually get too hard missions, as those types of missions are rather left for the G-Class ES Members.

SO Member Security Officers Member

Without special abilities, the SO Members are trained to protect the chief of the GOTT at any costs, help and support the chief of the GOTT and to hunt down ex-ES Members, who (with their abilities) are potential terrorists.

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Name Explanation
V2 Virgin Virus

An evil society that works agains the GOTT. It is mainly focusing on fighting the GOTT and the balance created by the GU. Not many people join to this society; it is mostly seen that only Viper and Virago joined, and are under the direction of Veronica.

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