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• 5/25/2018
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• 7/7/2018

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• 8/19/2017

Funimation to release Kiddy Girl-and in 2017

On the 12th of August, Funimation announced that they acquired the license to 2009 anime series Kiddy Girl-And. The title is slated to hit Blu-Ray and DVD on November 28.
They are planning release it in north America. They haven't actually stated that they are going to dub it, but there is always hope for that. They already posted the whole series on DVD with subtitles, so it would seem that they are dubbing it. However, like I mentioned earlier, whether they will dub it or not is still unknown.
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• 8/11/2017

The rules of asking & answering questions.

Asking questions

Before asking a question, please check if an another user has asked this question before. Note that any repeated questions will be deleted.
Ask your question by first writing it, the explaining it a bit more, such as why you've come up with this question or what part of the wikia has to do anything with your question.
Answering questions

Please answer questions only when you 100% know the answer.
If the question has already been answered, please do not answer it again. That will create a long thread which only needed one response.
Admins will try to close down discussions where the question has ben answered. Those discussions won't need any more answers.
Admins are also allowed to delete answers that are not linked to the question, and any answers that are not needed as the question has been answered before.
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• 8/11/2017

Rules of creating projects & jobs

Rules of Projects

Anyone can create a project.
One user can only do one project.
Users can only do small projects, whereas admins are allowed to do projects that require the access to all of the wikia.
Before you start a project, please ask an admin whether it is okay to proceed with the project. If you start it before asking, you might end up doing something that is not needed at all!
If you create a project, please keepto it and finish it. We don't want any unfinished projects on the wikia.
If you can't do your project, be it not having enough time, please tell it to an admin. They divide the project up and give it to users as a job.

Rules of Jobs

Only admins are allowed to give jobs to others.
A job can only be a small thing such as checking grammar on one article, or adding images to an article. These should only be given if the admin is unable to do it, or if it was a part of a project that is unfinished.
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• 8/11/2017


When you see that there is someone who is already doing a similar job:

Offer help to the user! They might need it if their project covers more than just editing one page. You can help in different ways;
You can offer to work on articles too, so that the work is reduced for both of you.
You can also offer to do the job when the other person won't be able to, so that the project itself doesn't come to a hault.
If you don't see any similar jobs already being done:

Create a new topic on this board, to let others know what you will be doing.
Ask for help! No matter what you plan to do, there are others who can help you with it.
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• 3/4/2017

Please don't delete character pages.

I understand deleting the clone pages (Minus the obvious 3) and then adding the limited information in the trivia tab but please don't re-delete Hiver and Sommer's pages! They are technically the "same" characters as Mercredi and Armbrust respectively but since they took on different names and appearances in Kiddy Girl-and compared to Kiddy Grade I would like to keep them on their own seperate pages with their own picture/video galleries. You can add the little bit of information we have on them to their respective pages but please keep them seperate! I know that I am usually not on here editing and I do greatly appreciate the work that CureFeather and AnimeLover53456 have been doing on here for the past 2-3 years! That is why I usually just leave the decision making to you two! But I feel really strongly that these are seperate characters despite being the other in the past.
Thank you and if you have question please ask!
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• 8/14/2016

Character Navigation Tutorial

As part of some new things on the site, we have a new navigation over every character's page.
All you need to do is to switch to source mode:

And then either copy and paste the following html code into the top of the blank page:
{{Template:Parent Tab
|minwidth = 5
|maxwidth = 15
|borderradius = 4
|height = 2
|tab1 = Overview
|tab2 = Story
|tab3 = Gallery
|tab4 = Achievements}}
Or just search for the Parent Template!
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• 8/14/2016

New navigation

There is a new navigation on the home page of the wikia. This helps everyone to get around the website more easily. 
Please, if you see any problems with it, tell an admin! Only admins can edit that bit of the Home page!
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• 8/14/2016

New look & Home page

There is a new navigation and design on the page! If you have an idea of what the site should look like, please tell me! ^^
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• 1/1/2016


I know it's a little early where I am (only 11:29pm here but getting closer!) what time is it currently where you are? Any new years resolutions? I honestly don't waste my time but I do plan (once i move at the beginning of April into a bigger place) to change my diet and exercise plan! I am currently working on that but I don't think it'll make any huge improvements until I have more space to do so...I look forward to working with you this (next) year!!
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• 12/13/2015


1. NO UPLOADING FANART!!! Even if you get the permission of the official artist I still don't want it on here becuase it'll still cause issues later.
2. Please only add official information/images to the wiki. If you are unsure about something and can't remember where you heard it, let me know and I can help figure out if it's true or not
Will update as needed
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• 10/30/2015

Spreading word/Asking me for help

Thank you for contributing to the wiki! If you need any help with anything or have any questions feel free to either post them here or on my message wall! If you edit here a lot and would like admin rights please ask and me and AnimeLover53456 will discuss it. I don't edit here that often because of school (among other things) so I just wanted to let you guys know that I still see messages and check in once and a while. I also own winterbells1 wikia so I am there more than here.
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• 10/30/2014

making a gallery and uploading photos

if you go to edit a page go into source mode. then click at the bottom underneath all other content. then underneath the publish button there are 3 picture buttons move your mouse over them until you get the gallery button. 

then you will get a pop up. you can then click on add a photo

then click on upload photo

wiki is annoying in the fact that you can't select multiple images from your computer at a time, you have to select each image individually so depending on how many images you have the longer it could take. hope this helps
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• 10/30/2014

Character Infobox Tutorial

1. Start/Open an article to edit
2. Click on source mode

3. enter the text exactly as shown

4. Click on Visual mode
5. You'll see this little green puzzle piece

6. hover over it with your mouse and this'll pop out, click edit

7. Then you'll see this:

8. Name will come up where is says {{{name}}}
image should be written in there is this format:

romaji/katakana/english will come up under the image
9. japanese/english fields mean their japanese/english seiyuu/voice actor
race is more of alien race (i.e. human)
ecolor is eye color, hcolor is hair color
rank is ES Class (S-rank,etc)
10. partner should link to the partners page even if it's not on the wiki)
this format:

11. es means es ability and should be surrounded by ""

12. weapon is more of a hand-weapon and sidearm is a gun type:

13. hit the ok button to save your work. if you go into source mode and you see this:

if you only see the infobox/character part then you didn't hit probably hit the X or cancel by accident (I've done that...)
if you have any questions comment below
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• 9/6/2014

Help wanted

Here are the things that I would like help with:
1. Creating episode pages for Kiddy Grade and Kiddy Girl-and that have not already been created (Mostly Kiddy Grade Episodes though)
2. Creating minor characters character pages
3. Adding pictures to character and episode pages
4. Creating pages related to the series that have not been created yet
5. Maybe create voice seiyuu pages for their seiyuu
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• 8/13/2014

Any ideas for Background or Wordmark?

I don't know if I like the on I have so, anyone able to create a better one?
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